• Cosplay Rules & Guidelines Update

    If you’ve been debating on whether or not to sign up for Colossalcon Texas’s Main Cosplay Contest we have an update for the prizes you could win! This year we are giving out cash prizes of $500 for Best Overall in both categories & $250 for Best Masters in both categories as well! This doesn’t include the sponsor prizes that are included for all winners either, so make sure to sign up now for a chance to win.

  • Guest Panelist Announcement: Samurai Dan

     The husband and wife team of Daniel and Jillian Coglan are full-time martial art instructors, running a traditional samurai training center in Iowa, and have a combined 35 years of experience.

    Beyond their martial skills, the dynamic duo collaborated to write, direct, host, and star in a 12 episode TV series entitled, “The Way of The Samurai.”

    Daniel is also an author, with several martial art articles published, and is currently working on his second full-length novel.

  • Guest Panelist Announcement: Nerds Know

    Nerds Know is the premiere entertainment panel group of South Florida. This collective of talented nerds has extensive knowledge in virtually every field that would matter to geeks, nerds, and otaku alike! Disney, Retro TV, Anime, Japanese culture, cartoons, all things retro, comics, and institutional convention knowledge are just a few of the topics the Nerds Know has under their belts. But don’t get too comfortable in your seats, as their events all have huge audience participation, so you won’t have a chance to be bored in your seats!

    Individually Nerds Know members have been hosting panels for over ten years but officially joined forces in 2016 to pool their collective talents. The group is made of convention veterans, college professors, and convention professionals. They have seen it all and want to share their love of all things nerdy with you!

    You can follow them on Facebook & Instagram to stay up to date on all of their upcoming shows, plans, and giveaways!

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nerds.Know/ 

  • Photoshoot Sets

    Colossalcon Texas will have the Hall of Photoshoot sets by the Amazing Abi Candy. All 6 3D photoshoot sets are available during the weekend for first-come, first-served photoshoots!

  • Guest Announcement: Steve Blum

    Steve Blum’s unmistakable deep, raspy, yet sometimes silky smooth voice has landed him a career full of incredible, iconic characters. He’s been the Voice of T.O.M. the robotic Promo host from Toonami (on Adult Swim) since 2000, and a pro Voice Actor for over 35 years. Best known as Spike from Cowboy Bebop, Zeb from Star Wars Rebels and The Mandalorian, Wolverine from X-Men Cartoons & Games, Starscream from Transformers Prime and Earthspark, Tank Dempsey from Call of Duty, Grunt from Mass Effect, Subzero and Barakafrom the Mortal Kombat Franchise, Brimstone from Valorant, Neon White from Neon White, Amon from Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Shoe and Sparky from the Boxtrolls feature film & thousands of other characters from shows, games, commercials (including the “Oh thank heaven” guy from 7-11 and dozens of others) and vocal appearances in movies like Bumblebee, Solo, Rogue One, Rise of Skywalker, Incredibles 2 and Shazam. His huge vocal range has made him one of the most sought after voice actors on the planet. He currently holds 4 Guinness World Records – including the most Prolific Voice Actor in Video Games (since 2012)! Steve also teaches online Voiceover classes through his company Blumvoxstudios.com. For a more complete Filmography, please visit:

  • Guest Announcement: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

    Mary Elizabeth McGlynn is an Emmy nominated voice over director and American Anime Award winning actor of original animation and foreign dubbing. She is also the singer for the Silent Hill game series and movies. Mary Elizabeth started as a voice director of Anime dubs with Cowboy Bebop, Digimon Tamers, Wolf’s Rain, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Stitch! and Glitter Force. She then moved on to dialogue directing for original animation and was nominated for an Emmy for directing the voices on Rapunzel’s Tangled Aventure.

    She is currently voice directing The Legend of Vox Machina for Amazon Prime, Bugs Bunny Builders for Warner Bros. and Dreamworks Dragons: Nine Realms. She was also the voice director for GLAAD award winning She- Ra and the Princesses of Power, Saturn Award winning Star Wars Resistance for Disney/Lucasfilm, Lego Star Wars Holiday Special, Summer Vacation and Terrifying Tales, Doug Unplugs and Dragons: Rescue Riders for Dreamworks as well as Unikitty, Bunnicula, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz and co-director for Green Eggs and Ham for Warner Bros. She also directed the VO on Billy Dilley’s Super Subterranean Summer and Penn Zero: Part Time Hero for Disney. She has directed the 6 Naruto Movies and received the SPJA award for best director for her work on the series Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.

    She has also voice directed many video game titles which include Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo 3, Afro Samurai and Silent Hill. As an actress, Mary Elizabeth portrayed Major Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost In The Shell Innocence, Solid State Society and Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex for which she won the American Anime Award for Best Actress. She is currently playing Zahra in The Legend of Vox Machina, Coach Brunt in Carmen Sandiego, Freya Fenris and 4D-MIN for Star Wars Resistance, Cetrion in Mortal Kombat 11, Dynamite Watkins in OKKO and Connie’s Mom in Steven Universe. She is also known for playing Governor Pryce in Star Wars Rebels, Valkyrie in Lego Marvel’s Avengers, Talis in StarCraft II, Johanna the Female Crusader in Diablo III and Heroes of the Storm, Naoto in Persona 4, Queen Metalia in Salor Moon Crystal, Kurenai, Mei, and Lady Kurutsu in Naruto, Nina Williams in Tekken, Alex Wesker in Resident Evil and Brooha in Glitter Force.

  • Guest Panelist Announcement: The Manly Battleships

    The Manly Battleships® are a group of fun-loving guys and gals that have formed the greatest programming group on the east coast convention circuit. Veteran panelists combine their powers with a circle of long time con-goers, otaku, and deviants to form the new titan at the front of the con scene. The Fleet’s arsenal offers a lot of a lot, and a little of everything! From the “stay fun” academic to over-the-top panels; high quality times are to be had under the Fleet’s banner. No matter your pleasure, there’s a Manly Battleships® event that’s right for you!

  • Performance Guest Announcement: Mystery Skulls

    Luis Dubuc was looking for a change of pace when he started his dance/electro-soul act, Mystery Skulls in 2011. And what started off as a new passion project quickly turned into something larger than life.

    Fans were quickly enchanted by the upbeat, groovy sounds Mystery Skulls was producing. As fans grew rabid for more content, Luis continued to produce new and exciting music that they could lose themselves in. The result is an impressive discography that has amassed over 100 million streams and nearly 550,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

    Back to Life (2019) and Now or Never (2020), the latest two full length albums from Mystery Skulls have shown that there’s no limit to the project’s success. Having self-produced and self-released both albums, Luis poured himself into each album and the fans immediately connected with that. This landed both albums at #1 on the iTunes Electronic charts, surpassing legendary acts like The Chemicals Brothers and Moby.

    Following the release of Back to Life, Mystery Skulls hit the road, aiming to reach as many fans as possible, selling out shows throughout North America and the UK. Luis is passionate about creating powerful moments of joy and release for fans through his live sets, and because of that he has been able to take Mystery Skulls to a wide array of events from the Voodoo Music and Arts Experience, to opening for Busta Rhymes at the Cannes Film Festival, and the ESPN X-Games.

    Every live set is a chance to let go. Mystery Skulls adds a layer of intrigue to each performance with his backlit set, leaving him a shadowy, pulsating figure in the night. The anonymity translates onto his diverse set of fans, leading them to feel free to lose themselves on the dance floor for the evening.

    The future is limitless and Mystery Skulls is taking advantage of every second of it. Join in on
    the adventure!