Romulo Bernal

Romulo Bernal is a voice actor with almost a decade of experience voicing characters in both
English and Neutral Spanish. Coming from a professional musical background, he segued his
talents into becoming an accomplished voice actor and director for major clients such as BBC,
Funimation, Nickelodeon, MTV, NBC Universal, Showtime, Discovery, Viacom, and Fisher Price.
Romulo has brought life to an array of roles, from Hank (Spanish dub) in “Talking Tom and Friends,” to Scott Malkinson (Spanish dub) in the South Park Ubisoft videogame, “The Fractured, But Whole,” which he also directed. Some of his most recent notable roles include, Assassin (Spanish dub) in “Akudama Drive,” Katsuki Bakugo (Spanish dub) in “My Hero
Academia,” which he also directs, Clark Dog, Irving, and Thomas (English dub) in the animated
motion picture “Space Dogs: Tropical Adventure,” and Qin Tianran (English dub) in the
animated feature “The King’s Avatar: For the Glory.”