Artist Alley


Artist Alley tables are $125 each and come with 1 badge that you will pick up in the Con Ops room. Artists will have the opportunity to purchase an additional artist alley badge for $35.

Open Hours

At this time, we expect the Artist Alley to be open to the public for the following days/hours (they could change beforehand):

Friday: 1pm to 7pm

Saturday: 10am to 7pm

Sunday: 10am to 3pm

Merchandise Rules

Crafted items are permitted, as long as they are handmade and not manufactured by someone else.

Fanart is permitted but it must be of your own creation and not eyeballed/traced/referenced off of pre-existing work. If we are contacted by a copyright holder in regards to any infringement by an artist, we will assist the holder to stop the sale of the item/s in question and the artist will be held liable.

There is a very strict no-pedophilia policy and that includes imagery pertaining to pedobear as well.

If you are selling anything 18+ you must not have it openly visible and you must ID people who wish to look at it.

No food or drink items of any kind are permitted to be sold.

No raffles or games of chance are permitted.

Wet paint is prohibited.

Table Information

We do not resell unclaimed tables at the event. Table unclaimed by 2pm on Friday will be taken down until the artist arrives and claims their spots. We have to remove any empty tables, as we’ve had issues with random artists trying to set up at empty tables.

Table sharing is only acceptable with artists listed in your application.


Our Artist Alley will be in a room that gets locked up at night.


There is a $15 fee for electricity (that we pay to the venue). You are welcome to share electricity with other artists within a reasonable distance (up to 25′ away). If you plan to do so, please let us know and we will try to place you close to that artist. Please bring your own extension cord, but inform us once you’re plugged in, so that we can tape down your cord for safety. You will need to make and pay for your electricity in advance, because we need to submit it with our floor plans to the venue.

Otaku Flea Market & Craft Fair

Colossalcon hosts the the following events which may conflict with sales in the artist alley.

  • Otaku Flea Market on Sunday
    This is a one-day free market where attendees may sell their unwanted anime and video game related items.
  • Otaku Art & Craft Fair on Friday
    This is a one-day free market where attendees may sell their own art or crafted items. It is an opportunity for new artists to see if they have what it takes to be in an artist alley full-time and for artists who didn’t get a table to sell their wares. All artists, including those in artist alley, are welcome to participate.

If you have a problem with these events, please do not apply.

Selection Process

We will select artists by a jury system. Your application does not constitute a contract of any kind, it is simply an application.

Please be as thorough as possible when submitting links to your work as this is what we’ll primarily be judging artists on, if not entirely. We understand that your inventory is likely to change.

Submission Closure & Acceptance

Submissions will close on June 17th, 2024. Acceptance e-mails will begin going out on June 24th 2024.


Any artist not accepted on the first round will automatically be placed on a waiting list.

Payment for the first-round of artist alley tables will be expected by July 1st 2023.

Any unpaid tables after that date will be released for sale to artists on the waiting list.

A second wave of accepted applications will likely go out on July 8th 2023.

Only the top 25 artists on the wait list will receive a numbered position on the wait list. All others are considered on the wait list in no particular order. We intend to e-mail all applicants, whether they be in the first-round of accepted artists, numbered wait list, or general wait list by August 30th. Because we are often asked, below are the rough odds that someone on the numbered wait list will get into the AA. This is by no means a guarantee.

  • position 1-6: 95% chance
  • position 7-12: 65% chance
  • position 13-20: 35% chance
  • position 21-25: 15% chance

Second wave artists can guarantee themselves a spot in the New Saturday-Sunday only AA if they wish to give up their place in the wait list. Once the deadline for payment has expired, we will offer space in the new room to the general wait list.


Refunds are available if requested no later than 30 days before the start of the convention. 

Sign-ups: Submissions will close on June 17th, 2024.

Acceptance e-mails will begin going out on June 24th 2024.