Colossalcon Texas AMV Contest

So much of anime history is intertwined with amv’s. For some of us it was our only outlet outside of Toonami for finding out what happened in our favorite shows. Eventually, amv’s began to have a life of their own as media became more widely available to the point that they started to bring new meaning and outlooks on our favorite anime. Some of them rising so far above to not only make us love the shows and characters in them even more but out pacing and becoming even greater than the art used to create the video itself. So, we want to help foster the growth of the amazing subset of our community and bring a new opportunity into the mix.


We will be using Youtube as our preferred medium of choice  as it both encourages the reason this competition exists and is the best source for the program we are using to compile everything. However, if you are unable to use Youtube, we will still accept other forms of submission. Please email if you plan on using other methods of uploading. All AMVs must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. CDT Sunday, August 6, 2023.


The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place entries will be shown as the halftime show in the main cosplay contest. A public playlist will also be made and shared on all of the convention outlets including the official social media channels and main website. 


Competition Information:

To enter this competition, you must have pre-registered for the con. All participants must be registered for Colossalcon TEXAS. Your BADGE ID number is the CONFIRMATION NUMBER on your registration email confirmation. 

Please, no AMV’s that are more than 1 year old. As much as we love seeing

these amazing works of art, the purpose of this is to create an opportunity for new works to enter the community.

As these will be showcased in front of an all ages event, the audio and materials used must also be suitable for all ages. If our judges think that your entry does not comply, it will be rejected.


Judging Criteria:

AMV’s will be judged on several metrics: Transitions, music synchronization, lyricism, and editing



Minimum: 55 Seconds

Maximum: 5 minutes


Media used:

Use whatever sparks your imagination. As long as it is “anime adjacent” we are open to it


Solo or Group:

It can be an individual, it can be a colab. Some people have different strengths and if you want to work together on a submission you are more than welcome.


Number of entries:

As many as you want. Go nuts! We know sometimes it can be hard to pick when you have more than one great idea so now you don’t have to! We can not guarantee, if you submit more than one, that all of them will be shown.