Cowlossal Rodeo Dance

After watching the amazing journey of Cowlossalcon happen at Prime we asked Sierra and were given the blessing to continue the chaos at Texas. But with no villas to host it, we’ve provided you guys the space of the “Event Barn”.

What is Cowlossalcon? It’s a Cow themed party! Come dance, drink, moo, cosplay some chaos, and find your cowboy to partner with for a few hours of fun. Lights, DJs, and an atmosphere perfect to run around in the Texas Summer Dusk!

Have any ideas to bring to the table? Throw them in the discussion of our Event below, we want to know what you guys want to see!

Here’s the only guidelines:
Just like any themed dance there’s a dress code.

  • Its cowboy cosplay time. There are some who want to see Naruto in some chaps ok?
  • Not sure about cowboys? Search #cowlossalcon and find some inspiration for the name sake of this dance!

Make sure that at the end of the day that barn is not a mess that can’t be cleaned.
We’d like to continue this next year.

Currently Tech is prepared to DJ for you guys, but if you have other people who are down let us know.

Facebook Event below-