Anime Prom

Anime Prom is the more relaxed form of our Formal Ball; as some attendees wish to be able to dance and party in a more relaxed sense we decided to remove the casual hour of our Formal and create its own event. Though the songs in nature and atmosphere will be more upbeat and energetic, it is still on the more formal side of events and should still follow rules as stated below. 

Note: The Anime Prom is included with the purchase of your badge and does not require a separate ticket in order to attend.


The Anime Prom aims to provide an experience for all of its guests akin to dances that you may have missed or create new memories in place of ones that may not have gone the way they should have. These rules were developed to provide guidelines for our guests. They are used to provide guidance for admission/denial to the Prom, which is determined by our staff during the event.


  • All outfits, including dresses, skirts, tops, pants, and shoes, must be a relaxed formal in nature.

General Clothing Guidelines

Garments with rips/tears must be intact in nature with no risk of ripping more while dancing. Hemlines should not have threads/strings falling from them. Staff will have scissors available.

Shoes and other clothing for disability needs are exemptions to dress code rules.

Specific Outfits

  • Lolita and other Asian formal wear are welcome.
  • Dress Military Uniforms are welcome. Excessive Battle Armor and Fantasy Armor are not allowed for safety from close proximity. Attack on Titan and other uniforms are welcome.
  • Fursuits are welcome as long as they have clothing that meets the Anime Prom dress code over their fur suit.
  • Cosplays must still have an air of formality to them, but unlike the Formal may have a relaxed piece. If a fictional or nonfictional character wears an outfit that “almost but not quite” follows the guidelines (e.g. a character that wears a tuxedo with tennis shoes) they are Ok.

Acceptable Top Halfs:

  • Necklines should err on the side of formal, but not as strictly. If you would see the cut on a prom dress, then it is accepted.
  • Suits/suit jackets are encouraged but not required.
    • Dress shirts, like collared dress shirts are permitted without a suit jacket. Dress shirts must be buttoned at all times.
  • Strapless tops/dresses should be well fitting so as not to slip-down during dancing.
  • Undergarments (underwear, undershirts, bras, garters, garter belt straps) may not be used as outerwear / must remain hidden. Built-in undergarments that blend into the outfit are acceptable. Undergarments that are hidden by a jacket/cardigan are acceptable.

Acceptable Bottom Halfs:

  • If you choose to wear pants, they must be clean. Nice black jeans are permitted as a relaxed item, but no blue jeans. Otherwise usual pants for the formal are also permitted.
  • While longer dresses are preferable, shorter skirts/dresses should not expose undergarments. We recommend no shorter than 2-3 inches above the knee, depending on your height.  
  • Garments with slits must be formal in nature. Slits must not risk showing undergarments. Slits that may be inappropriate but are pinned/buttoned together are acceptable.
  • Hemlines should not have threads/strings falling from them.
  • Avoid trains on dresses as they can be stepped on.

Acceptable Shoes

  • The following are considered appropriate formal footwear: dressy sandals, pumps, flats, boots, high heels, and dress shoes. Note: Geta may be worn as part of a traditional Japanese cosplay.
  • Outdoor sandals and flip flops are not allowed.
  • Clean sneakers are allowed.

Acceptable Accessories

  • Formal neckwear is encouraged but not required. Examples of formal neckwear include: cravats, ties, and bow ties.
  • Props are allowed but must not get in the way.

Acceptable Makeup:

  • Sealed Body paint/ Face Paint is acceptable
  • Normal cosmetics
  • Outfits that cover your face / have makeup applied so your face is concealed.  

Not Allowed:

  • Rave outfits
  • Dirty and/or worn sneakers or tennis shoes, 
  • Outdoor sandals and flip flops are not allowed.
  • Outfits that may slip off and expose ‘inappropriate bits’ during dancing
  • Undergarments (underwear, bras, garters, garter belt straps) may not be used as outerwear. Built-in undergarments that blend into the outfit are acceptable
  • Blue jeans or cargo pants are not allowed (black jeans or dress pants only).
  • Outfits that have exposed threads (should be cut off before entering).
  • Props that will get in the way are not allowed. This includes swords, wings, staffs, tails, horns, or guns.
  • Body paint and face paint that are not sealed are not allowed.
  • Fursuits (alone) are not permitted


  • All ColossalCon and Kalahari Convention Center rules of behavior must be followed.
  • Shoes must be worn the entire time.
  • Personal items should be checked at the dance check-ins and/or left in your room. Staff is not responsible for ensuring the safety of your items while you are at the Anime Prom. If anything is missing, check the lost and found at Con-ops.
  • Staff and fellow attendees should be treated with respect. No spitting on attendees or staff members.
  • Inappropriate physical contact, harassment, stalking, and rude behavior is not acceptable and should be immediately reported to Colossalcon Security who will take these matters seriously.
  • If you are feeling harassed or are otherwise made uncomfortable, please inform the ColossalCon Staff/Security at the door right away.
  • If you are feeling lightheaded, sick, or you know someone who is feeling faint please notify the ColossalCon Staff/Security at the door immediately.