Kiba Walker

Kiba Walker is an actor, director, producer, drag performer, and singer based out of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. He is known for his work in anime, video games, television/film, and audiobooks. He works currently with Funimation Entertainment, Sentai Filmworks, Bang Zoom! Entertainment and various other studios. Fans best know him for his notable performances as Caius Lao Bistail (The Titan’s Bride), Koganegawa Kanji (Haikyu), Scylla Io (Saint Seiya), Makio Tanihara (HoriMiya), Paplo Espuma (Black Clover), Kiyotsune (The Heike Story), and Xu Liuishi (Genshin Impact)!
Twitter: justkibawalker
Instagram: kibathevoice